I’m hearing that the weather is turning nicer in the next couple of days, but to be honest, I’m going to beleive it when I see it. if you’re still finding it cold to be totally outside and are just craving that dose of green (you know, plants and living things) you have got to go to allan gardens conservatory. it’s warm inside, bright and full of flora to get your mood up and thinking, feeling spring.20140328-083026.jpg

I went on a field trip there this week with the girls and we loved it. we were meeting a new friend for the first official time and it was the perfect place to sit and talk, walk around and wonder and just enjoy each others company with an outdoor feel, indoors. trust me, with our kind of weather patterns (read – crazy wild, all over the place and cold,) there will be at least a few more times where you’re going to want a place like this in your back pocket. it’s just how it goes in canadia.20140328-082900.jpg

/ my girl tribe – niyya, daani and katia.

20140328-082844.jpg20140328-082949.jpg    20140328-082930.jpg IMG_3726

/ i haven’t seen this much green in months!! it was a welcome sight.


so we met up with this friend and it was so nice! she is moving here from the states for marriage and doesn’t really know too many people. yet. we know each other from a mutual friend, but in all honesty, I know her because of a mutual reaching out and connecting over the internet. we have been insta-pals for a while, long before we were officially introduced. I love the internet, and especially ig for this. daily posts from someone you follow, be it across the globe in singapore to around the corner in your hood, just gives you a good sense of who someone is. I know, it sounds strange, but in this platform I trust. obviously I have my senses about me and am a good judge of character, I think.. but this platform makes it’s easy to connect and be real. it just requires you to be that and that you will then attract.


daani took to our new friend instantly. there’s something special about they way kids feel energies and gravitate towards or shy away from people. i’ve always beielved they have a innate intuition about these things. i could be wrong, but i believe i’m right. lolIMG_3714IMG_3729  IMG_1052 IMG_1049IMG_3748 IMG_1032

so I trust her. just like that. and really, in the last few years I have made that decision to just trust and be open and I have formed the best friendships of my life! it’s so nice to know that relationships, strong and meaningful ones, can happen just like that. yes, work and effort and time and shared experiences and a little but of common ground are part in parcel, but initially, to go deep, trust and feeling safe is required.


anyway I’m excited for my #newbestfriend to move here. since I have been in baby hibernation for a minute (read – two years) and not been out much, we are going to explore this fair city together! well, at least every so often. to good times ahead!


/ the new bff was kind enough to take the camera out of my hands and snap some shots of both daani and niyya as well as the three of us. that’s an invaluable gift if you ask me, the typical photographer!

IMG_3769 IMG_3732

before I wore hijab my go-to look for ear-ware was hoops. hoops for days. thin, thick, small, big. all gold. my mom gifted me a beautiful pair from a trip to Dubai and those were my absolute favorite. now that I wear hijab I don’t really wear them save for ladies only events. my ear essentials these days are studs. big gems, gold balls, my wedding diamonds. they all make the rotation.IMG_1012

see? studs and a printed scarf. I have a healthy collection which was only recently made more sparkly with some new finds from this shop in the city called obsessions. they are filled to the brim with accessories and costume jewelry. which girl is not a fan of those? and guess what? today you can win the same printed scarf i wore and two pairs of studs!giveaway-party-obsessions

here’s how to enter:

1. head to my instagram for details on how to enter.

*** for additional entries, tell me, what’s your accessory game like? hoops or studs, scarves or handbags? or all of the above? let me know in the comments!

one winner will be chosen on wednesday april 2nd. sorry, this giveaway is open to north american readers only. the retail value of this prize is $40.00.



  1. My favourite is scarves. I love this gold and white polka dotted scarf that a special someone got me! 😉

  2. Tahsin! i shop at this store all the time, its in the bottom of my work building 🙂

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