I am an artist.

a birther of BEES —

business, babies x THINGS OF BEAUTY

a creator, curator

collaborator, constant calibrator

do-gooder, director —

driver of desire, drifting differently, dire 

emotional x evocative, evocatively eyre — 

an educator, elevator, escalator, eliminator

first fearful —

now free, full x faithful

gravitationally good,

whole-heartedly heart —

habitually hood.

intuitive, intentional, intriguing, internal

on a journey to joy —

judicial upheaval

keeper of keys

kith x kin

less losing light, look Looking in

lover of life, language, love, learning

mother of moods, maternal whims x mourning

not nothing now, forever a something —

nostalgic, nascent, never not nothing 

overtly introverted. outcomes overthought 

permanently practicing, progressions x plots

personal peak performancE, perpetual passion 

presence, patience —

pero, A veces passive

possessive, premature, pathetic, problematic

a quiet queen acquiring sheen

quickly quintessential

relatable, real.

reminiscent, reticent. yet —

refreshingly regal

seeking self-worth —

thru self-love x self-care, 

self-healing x being so self-aware

soft, stubborn, strong, silly x soulful 

truly trusting the truthful, tahsin the tasteful 

underappreciated, overabused — 

understanding too, 

it can be unlimitedly up,

from here on through 

versatile very, invisible, visionary

i work well with worLds, a wordsworth of words —

worthy of wonder x wander while whiling away

explorer of existence, external insistence —

experiencer of experiences, excited? don't exit.

young, youthful, yearning

for yesterdays —

your yesses, yes'ms, yeah's x okays,  

zoned for a zenith and what's in between it.

zig zag zig. zigga zag zagga zig.



tahsin the good in studio.JPG


to BUY ARt, collab, spend time, connect x grow —





i'm emerging