this friday mtv and a slew of other networks will be airing a documentary that takes a look at the way our clothes are being made and the effects it has on many levels. it’s also the day which, two years earlier a garment factory collapsed in bangladesh killing 1100 and injuring many more. the day from which fashion revolution day was born.

traceable explores our connection to the communities impacted by the products we consume.

the documentary is called traceable and comments on the current fast fashion trend that has us overtaken,  as well as follows designer laura seigel, toronto-native and parsons-educated, as she travels through india to source and produce her clothing line with a desire for transparency in her methods.


it’s a project close to me in that one, it was spearheaded, written and directed by my friend and classmate from ryerson, jennifer sharpe. honestly, i’m so proud of this major accomplishment of hers and i haven’t even seen it. the topic alone is worthy of applause as it was something that troubled her and caused her to speak up. #fightforwhatsright. right? she was actually in the middle of filming when the tragedy in bangladesh happened. i’m sure that must have fueled her passion to tell this story even more.

and two,  the last few years or so i have not been really been able to turn off the inner voice in my head that keeps saying the cheap price, quick turnaround and abundance of clothes must come at a cost.

i know it does.

correction… we know it does.

there are environmental effects rooted from all the processes, the human effect stemmed from poor labour and working conditions, and the heart and soul effects that is the result of mass consumerism and the wanting of so much stuff.

i’m trying to make more of an effort to consume consciously.

and don’t get me wrong, i still buy things and fall prey to my old ways. old habits die hard, is what they say.

especially when it comes to growing kids, and their tiny clothes that they outgrow every six months or so. but im trying to make more of an effort to consume consciously.

ignorance is bliss for only a short while. we can’t keep the blinder on forever. there’s an accountability and a responsibility that each and very one of us consumers has to take for our fellow humans and earth. (yes. its earth day today. so do it for mama earth!)

listen, i know it’s not the popular thing to say, and its way less fun than that $20 jacket on sale for $7.99, but it’s a really important issue at hand. so save the date and give it a watch.  i’ll be on a much-needed and long overdue date with the mister that night, but you can bet your last buck that i’ll be pvr’ing it and taking it in as soon as i possibly can.

watch traceable on mtv, bravo, m3 and e! at 8pm, this friday april 24th.

meet me online to talk about it, ok? oh, and check out this article on jenn and her film, connect with her on facebook and turn your clothes inside out this friday and ask #whomademyclothes? together we can make some headway and be heard.

photo credit / 1+2 : traceable documentary, 3 :


save the date is a feature i write about shows, events, screenings, openings and other things i want to go to. so let’s put them in our callie’s and go, ok? are you putting something together and think i’d like it? talk to me and let me know on instagram fb, or twitter.

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if you missed this reminder on my ig, ill share it again here because it is just that good. no pun intended.  it’s something you need to think about regularly. and it’s in no way promoting mediocrity. actually, just the opposite. i think, with this kind of thought process things are easier to do, success is easier to achieve. because it’s one little step at a time.

“so, what if instead of thinking about solving your whole life you just think about adding additional good things. one at a time. just let your pile of good things grow.”

i like that. i really really really really really do. (yes, that song is stuck in my head and i only heard it once today)


my team good.


i drive by this mural on bathurst and dav so often. but i do just that. i drive. this time i was at a red and took this ehh shot. next time you will see me and my team (see above) rocking that wall. perhaps we will find ourselves here as part of the mural tour during janes walk in may. anyone want to join?


terroni’s al salmone pizza was first class when i shared it with friends the other night. but, it as a next day brekkie with an egg came a very close second. very close indeed.


white things – walls, sidewalks, steps, dinnerware, paper, are always on my radar to photograph. even if i have to look up …


or down to find them.

this youth machine graphic is all sorts of yes and my mission operative of late. who’s with me?

how fun is this piece of art? get inspired people.

reminding me to get back on my collage game. all you need are photos, imagination and little bit of glue.


it’s because of this that i love photography so much. movement, joy, line, colour, culture. all in one go. amazing. thanks scott for being such a captive photographer.

lots of love to you,




some things is my musings post. i share photos and ideas of things that i’ve been up to lately, or that i just want to share.

i share and discuss more on my instagram, pinterest and twitter. follow along and see.

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since i teach a workshop in mobile photography i thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite iphone only photographers that i have come across on instagram.

it’s amazing to see what this tool can do and looking at photos like these are part of my daily inspiration re-up.

first up is micheal chan.

#IPHONEONLY / MICHAEL CHAN / tahsin, the good

his photos are a moody mix of natural elements, interesting architecture, crisp interiors, with a bronco or two thrown in for good measure. (have i ever told you how much i love broncos?) and because he’s from the west coast, there are plenty of ocean + beach shots to satisfy this fish. (i could look at photos of the ocean all day long.)

his palette is well curated. you’ll find a muted mix of colour – mustards, teal, royal blue, aqua, and jade with base neutrals of sand, ochre, brown and black.


his photos tell a story of adventure, road trip-like travels and a good, la dolce vita-style living.

his advice on getting the good shot when asked, was “take all and any photos of things that catch your eye even under hesitation (bad lighting, not cool enough, etc.) because the filter/editing treatment of it could be surprising in a very good way. there have been lots of photos i’ve taken that were delete-worthy pre-editing in vsco, and i was thankful that i played with them before deleting right away. and with that tip, take as many angles of the subject as possible while you’re at it. 20 even, you can always delete once you find the best shot in the batch. emoji

for lots more tips to getting drool-worthy photos register for the good shot workshop. the ins and outs of editing will become clear and many an aha moment will happen!



#iphoneonly is a visual feature i share about people who take absolutely gorgeous, yet simple, story-telling photos with their… well, iphone only. get inspired people, captured moments like these are only a click away.

learn how to take better photos with your smartphone at the good shot workshop. the next class for teens only is on march 20th and march 28th is for the rest of you’s.

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The Design Confidential Home Tour // My Vintage Vixen Family Room Reveal

here are a few of my favourite things to watch.

mase and i watch together, its our thing, and its about the only tv time i put in. if you have netflix, i suggest favouriting a few of these before the sun starts shining more and more and all you’re going to want to do is be outside!

netflixing : binge watching by way of netflix.

here goes,

  1. marco polo / we took this in over the holidays when it came out and loved it. the dialogues is so rich and there are so many layers to each scene. at least that’s how i felt. some, see here, and here, have other things to say about this show that don’t align with my view. but ah well. to each their own. i think in terms of a quick broad-based history and cultural lesson of a time i would have otherwise not known about, it’s good stuff. and worthwhile to take in. it’s a big budget netflix original set in the court of kublai khan’s asia, so you can expect gorgeous costumes, beautiful scenery and some very interesting takes on life, kung-fu, and the set-up of the mongol empire.
  2. the honourable woman / this came highly recommended from some of the blogs i follow. it’s a bbc series that is now airing on the cbc and american netflix starring maggie gyllenhaal. and its timely, political, humanitarian, and real. to me, it blurs the lines on the whole palestine-isreali conflict. it shows a human side. it shows that sometimes there is no side. but people. and lives. and experiences, like real-life experiences, that shape each individual over time and in different ways. it’s raw and unforgiving at times. we are not done, so don’t spoil anything here, but watch this with me.
  3. house of cards / if you’re reading this its too late. no im just kidding. but seriously, if you haven’t heard of or started watching this show than which rock have you been hiding under? lol. netflix got us hooked in season one and shook in season two and again we are still watching how season three unfolds (no time to binge-watch this time around.) the underwoods are a compelling little family to say the least. this show is very political, literally taking place in the inner walls of the white house and very sinister. it will make you feel yuck, but its done so well, you will only want to press play again and again. good to know, not to aspire to. ok?
  4. the walking dead / it took us a while to get to this show. but we caught up really quick. this is more than a show about zombies. it’s a what would you do in a situation like this type show. to me it uncovers many truths about the human condition. and how we wold react in situations. this situation is extreme of course, majority of the population has been taken over by some sort of disease turning its victims into flesh-hungry zombies, but the lessons can apply in our day-to-day. for example, by any means necessary survival, but at what cost and trust, faith, brotherhood, family, community, loss and hope. i would never have expected myself to enjoy such a show, but i truly do and think you might just too if you look beyond the zombies. ps. when we started niyya used to make these sounds just like the zombies and it was so funny. maybe you had to be there. lol
  5. orange is the new black / funny, and light. a little far out there, but entertaining and intriguing to see a point of view of the inner-workings of america’s industrialized correctional facilities. we watched this on one of our vacations almost a year ago. ps. the real deal piper kerman is on tour by way of unique lives and experiences. she’ll be making a stop in toronto too. watch the show, then go with all your questions. lastly and of course,
  6. game of thrones / i don’t have much to say except that it will reel you in hook line and sinker starting with the theme song. literally. it’s so good. a bit fantasy, a bit royalty, a lot of strategy, power and personality. it’s based off a series of books and is the first time i’ve ever heard people say that the show does the book justice, if not more. that’s pretty huge. if you’re a reader like me, you’ll understand. i never read the books, but am all over the show. catch up on past seasons now because the next one is coming out soon and will be the talk at the water cooler every single monday. i mean, if people still talk at water coolers that is. i wouldn’t know.

just as a disclaimer. i will not judge you for the tv you watch, so please don’t judge me. these are adult shows, with thought-provoking themes including adult ones. take what you take from this, by all means. just enjoy and watch responsibly!

what are you watching these days?



ps.  we are comfy cozy watching in our own family room, but i wouldn’t mind watching in a room like this too. check out the full room tour here.


show love is a feature i write about the shows, events, plays, movies and other things i’ve seen that i think you should too. putting on a show? let me know. i’ll save the date. talk to me on instagram fb, or twitter.

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speaking of my birthday, it was just this past sunday. march first.

it’s a good day to have a birthday.

not that i had much of a say in the matter. i now know so many people who share this birthday it’s not even funny. like katie and christine. even this last birthday a new little one joined the club as a friend just had a baby girl.

my nanabapa gave me a photo once long ago as a card, i have it to this day, with a horoscope taped to the back. it was more of a “if you’re born on this day” type thing than a horoscope. anyway it said some pretty reflective things about march first babies that i think really hold true. to my personality and interests at least. cool, huh?


anyway, my birthday was spent simply and very nicely with family and friends. mase made breakfast, my lifer treated me and the girls to some fun family-style yoga, the girls and I napped and snuggled and we met up at los chicos brasa with my mom and siblings (well, most of them) for dinner followed by some yummy treats at home.


thanks for the soup, saj!


some have asked me, do you feel older? or how does it feel to be… gasp!.. 34? to me it’s just a number. i don’t feel it. in my heart at least.

young heart old soul.

my body is getting older. and that’s just the way it goes. so i’m very cool with that. what i love about getting older is the wisdom it has afforded me. i feel so comfortable in this skin of mine now, and that likely has something to do with the fact that i’ve been sitting in it for so long! i’m more at ease with my decisions, relaxed about my chosen path, and happy with my various roles for the most part. although i’m still working out the kinks a little (aren’t we all?), i feel so good. i know what i want more and more and and what is important to me and i really believe that is the special treat that comes with age and experience. one of my favourite toronto bloggers, coco, wrote a post about aging recently. it seemed to have come at the perfect time! read more here.

for those of you who hoped for it, thank you. it was a good day.



ps. the circle of joy family yoga we went to was really awesome. you should come to the next one. it will be on april 5th at indigo yoga barre in richmond hill. $45 for a family of four. if you’re coming let me know. you know where to find me.



daani told me her first secret the other day.

and it was the sweetest thing. it makes me smile just thinking about it.

the thing is, she wasn’t supposed to tell me, because it was someone else’s secret.  it’s not like it was a huge deal that she told me, it was a small and fun thing, but it was a secret that she was meant to hold.

in her excitement she told me. she let me into her circle and shared with me. some may see this as being untrustworthy. and maybe so, by definition, but to me it was a special moment and an act of trust.

YOUR SECRETS ARE SAFE WITH ME / tahsin, the good

the way she shared was the cutest too. she just mouthed the words. to be discreet.

i’ve never seen her do that before! like, hold up, where’d you learn to do that?

and maybe i shouldn’t have shared this. but you won’t tell, right?


ps. i came across this kids book today and think it’s pretty rad. check it out if you’re looking for a gift for a newborn to grow into or for your favourite kid to enjoy now. i know both of mine would love this.

pps. have a little listen to one of my favourite songs on the matter.


royals is a feature i write about my kids. my royals. and what we are going through. come along for the ride, won’t you. if you have kids of your own and can relate, feel free to take the conversation on instagram, fb or twitter.

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light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.


i’m so happy to say that the last workshop in toronto was full up and it went so well. good news for me and not so good for you, if you wanted in, of course.

but, i do have some good news up my sleeve in this regard.

new classes have been added and we are taking this show on the road a bit. i’ll be running a workshop in new york – brooklyn to be exact, at a super cool media studio called operation cmyk (have you seen what they did to mario batali’s website?!!), and dubai, this rad library cafe in the middle of safa park called the achive,  while traveling there for business and pleasure (love that i can check both boxes off for this!) in feb and i’ve just listed another toronto class in march to keep things moving a bit. phew, that was a mouthful!

light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.

if you have been looking at stepping up your photo game whether it be for your blog, your business or your personal photos then this is the class for you. it’s a half day workshop and its focus is using your mobile phone to take your photos. now, i am in no way saying that better cameras are useless. all i’m saying is that your mobile phones camera is a powerful tool that just needs to be used right.

and this class teaches you more than a few tricks to getting a… well, good shot.

light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.

so come on, register. you know you want to. click for new york, dubai and toronto dates and deets. and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get at me via insta or email through the shop.

light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.

and listen, if you’re thinking of coming with a friend, do it! there’s a promo going on right now to get half off the second registration. so sign up together to save! use code GOODFRIEND at checkout.

new york feb 8 / dubai feb 14 / toronto march 28

oh, and check out some past students work posted to the #thegoodshotworkshop tag and see for yourself!

i’ll leave you with a few powerful words for your thursday afternoon.

little gems / inherent greatness / tahsin, the good.




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