light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.


i’m so happy to say that the last workshop in toronto was full up and it went so well. good news for me and not so good for you, if you wanted in, of course.

but, i do have some good news up my sleeve in this regard.

new classes have been added and we are taking this show on the road a bit. i’ll be running a workshop in new york – brooklyn to be exact, at a super cool media studio called operation cmyk (have you seen what they did to mario batali’s website?!!), and dubai, this rad library cafe in the middle of safa park called the achive,  while traveling there for business and pleasure (love that i can check both boxes off for this!) in feb and i’ve just listed another toronto class in march to keep things moving a bit. phew, that was a mouthful!

light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.

if you have been looking at stepping up your photo game whether it be for your blog, your business or your personal photos then this is the class for you. it’s a half day workshop and its focus is using your mobile phone to take your photos. now, i am in no way saying that better cameras are useless. all i’m saying is that your mobile phones camera is a powerful tool that just needs to be used right.

and this class teaches you more than a few tricks to getting a… well, good shot.

light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.

so come on, register. you know you want to. click for new york, dubai and toronto dates and deets. and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get at me via insta or email through the shop.

light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.light + good / the good shot  / mobile photography workshop / tahsin, the good.

and listen, if you’re thinking of coming with a friend, do it! there’s a promo going on right now to get half off the second registration. so sign up together to save! use code GOODFRIEND at checkout.

new york feb 8 / dubai feb 14 / toronto march 28

oh, and check out some past students work posted to the #thegoodshotworkshop tag and see for yourself!

i’ll leave you with a few powerful words for your thursday afternoon.

little gems / inherent greatness / tahsin, the good.






this guy. adam katz sinding. le 21eme.

luh van-tay-uh-nee-emm


his photos are so amazing. and yes, it has a lot to do with the fact that his subjects are well dressed characters in a the most high-end, sartorially on-point play. they are just so wonderful to look at. and appreciate. but his technical…, his skill level, is right up there with his subjects. so it’s a beautiful marriage of sorts.

just take a look and see.


he shoots for clients that run the gamut from barney’s to buro. harper’s bazaar, grazia, glamour, elle, vogue, v – you name it. his website/insta is a go-to destination for an inside/outside look at the daily world of fashion from cities and fashion weeks from around the world. and the kicker. the one thing about him that gets me most pumped? he is self-taught. he did this, built this, worked hard for this and got to where he’s at with consistency, patience and perseverance.

self-taught + self-motivated.


his words. if you don’t know it already, visuals run this town these days. you can start stepping your game up here with what you have or just keep practicing with what you know.

shoot, edit, shoot some more. experiment. learn. grow. create.


i just want you guys to know. photography’s no joke. you wanna play? make your living that way? keep dreaming, believing and achieving. it’s all yours for the taking.  go and get ‘em, ok?



ps. he shares the same birthday as my little nini. cool, huh?

credits / photos : adam katz sinding


the good good is a feature i write about the people i come across with crazy amounts of talent. those people that are just so good at what they do, that they aren’t just good at it, they’re good good. photographers, writers, poets, artists, mothers, friends, lovers, fighters, dreamers, doers.

do something so well that it’s good good? i wanna know about it. talk to me and let me know on instagram fb, or twitter.

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i have always been anti-princess. even though that was the name my dad used to call me and it was filled with such good memories. i just never favoured the word when referring to my girls. when they were born people would ask, “awwww, how’s your little princess?” and i would cringe inside. i know, i’m so mean right?

but daani just loves to be called princess. she believes in her heart of hearts that she is. and that niyya is as well. and that her papa is king and i’m the queen. queen mummy to be exact. lol.

and at first it didn’t sit right with me. mainly because i know what i know and those titles get thrown around so loosely and get used and abused. and that kings can be monsters and princesses can be spoiled. and that the pre-fab fairytales that i grew up on, that are everywhere you turn these days are not ideals and dreams i want my daughters to buy into. at all.

and so, i’m just not about that. princess this and princess that.

but i’m starting to realize her view of it is true. and pure and special. so i’m starting to think it’s sweet. since this started way back when she was two, we’ve talked about what kind of princess she is. and adjectives i want her to hold close and adopt as characteristics are always on heavy rotation.

BE KIND / tahsin, the goodYOU LEAD / I'LL FOLLOW / tahsin, the good

she is a strong, caring, gentle, creative, courageous, thoughtful, helpful and kind princess. she prays for people, and shares with people and loves people. and she loves herself. not in the selfish, vain way. in the wholesome, ever-important, oft-overlooked, self-love kind of way. she is that kind of princess. and that’s something i will forever be cool with.





royals is a feature i write about my kids. my royals. and what we are going through. come along for the ride, won’t you? if you have kids of your own and can relate, feel free to join talk to me on instagram fb, or twitter.

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some of my favorite links this week. rounded up and presented with a sweet bow!

have a wonderful weekend everyone. be safe, be loving and be loved.

anything to add. find me on my fb page or instagram and let’s talk.


1. my good buddy and creative coupterpart from university’s home was featured in this months designlines magazine. check. it’s a real beaut.

2. in light of the attacks in paris last week, one self-proclaimed celebrity muslim has this to say. i dig it. can you?

3. i found this because i’ve been thinking about switching up the colours of a few pieces of furniture, but am not willing to reupholster right now and think i might just give it a try. anyone else want to take on this challenge?

4. i really want to learn arabic. let me rephrase that – i want to understand and comprehend the language of my book and i’m thinking this might help. anyone heard of it?

5. all of this. every last bit of advice.

6. my soup exchange is in one week. have you got your ticket yet? i’m still debating which soup to make. what do you think of this one? ahh… decisions decisions. check out my pinterest for more soup inspo.


7. i follow the dalai lama on facebook. this is what he had to say the other day. what a prayer, what a man.

8. nigeria. a few months ago i read a book called half of a yellow sun. it was a glimpse into the everyday at a time of war. it was based in the 60’s and it’s so sad to see that it’s happening again. on what seems to me to be a far worse scale. i’m trying to pay more attention to these things that matter.

9. discovering the best of instagram is made easy with this beautiful app. i found this gorgeous feed from the uae recently. timely as i am now preparing for our family’s first overseas vacay there. check out these photos from @genyvb.




10. you keep me safe. i’ll keep you wild. fair trade, no?










A LONG WALK / SPORTING LIFE 10K / NIKE WOMEN / tahsin, the good

i just registered for my first run. it’s something i have wanted to do for a while, it just kept getting pushed to the back-burner. that, and the fact i am not a runner.

not yet, at least.

more of a wannabe. and truth be told, i’m just barely a walker. it gets really bad in the winter months. it’s all car, car, car up here. and that’s ok because it’s freezing out. hello -30.

but i really want to/need to get moving. and outside at that. it’s around this time every year, in the thick of this unbearable cold, that i long for warmer and sunnier days. and this run comes at such a good time for me. there are 16 weeks until it and therefore 16 weeks to train. and i’ve been encouraged time and again that it is very doable.

and not to fear.

to just do it.

so i’ll be going on a lot of long walks in the next little bit to warm myself up a bit for this run. and i may walk, jog, run or even stroll at times along the way. i’ve decided not to put too much pressure on myself in this regard. i’m going to do what i can. as long as i’m striving i’m doing something worthwhile.

join me, on a long walk or in the run. it’s the sporting life 10k and i’ll be doing it with a few of my favorite gals on mother’s day. it seems like a fun thing to do for ourselves on our day, no? come on, let’s do this! you have one month until the prices go up again.


ps. while writing this post i was calling this 10k a marathon, then realized that it is definitely NOT a marathon. that would be crazy town.

pps. this photo and so many other insprirational ones comes from nike women. they make working out look so so good.


SEE THE GOOD / 20x20x20 / tahsin, the good

i made my decision on which cause to support with the proceeds from the soup exchange coming up as well as all the other exchanges planned for this year. i mentioned in this post that i wanted to give back and help those who cannot see or have a hard time with their vision. it’s something that affects me on a daily basis (-7.00 and -7.25 anyone?) and with the aid of glasses, regular optometry visits and care that is so readily available here, i can.

i know this is not the case for so many around the world.

so i set out to research various causes in this realm of giving back and in doing so i came across 20x20x20. it’s a charity that aims to restore vision to blind adults and children in very poor and rural areas. you see, without vision there are so many things you just cannot lean into. be it small things like being invited to play or big things like not being able to provide for your family.  and without proper life-essentials education, or a place to learn to live with your disability, it becomes so difficult for many of these people to thrive, let alone survive, in their own ways in their lives. “the WHO reports that 60% of children die within 1-2 years of going blind. whether you are 8 years old or 80 years old, in most developing countries they say a blind person is like a “mouth with no hands.”” – 20x20x20

it’s just bleak. and that is no way to live.

this charity has somehow found a “miracle surgery” that takes as little as 15 minutes and costs $300 to perform. it also aims to empower local doctors and nurses with the tech and training to provide these life-changing procedures. so its like a win win win. it just seems like the right fit.

20x20x20 / tahsin, the good

so since the exchange is $11*, i have upped the number of guests to 30 from 25 so that we can collectively provide one person their sight.

to me, that’s huge.

mother teresa, that bad-ass good girl, said, “if you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

FEED ONE > FEED NONE / tahsin, the good

this is me doing what i can with, what i’ve got, where i am. and i hope you will join me and some friends in doing that. the exchange is on january 24th from 1-4 pm. it’s a ladies only thang. sorry, fellas and kids. it’s our time to connect, share, inspire and most importantly nourish ourselves socially and spiritually and obviously, physically. trust me when i say, there will be much simple, colourful deliciousness that will make your tummy full.

you can buy your tickets here. please, if you are planning on coming, get your tickets sooner than later, because the last day to get them is one week from now. and the earlier we sell out, the earlier we can start preparing for you all! and the more prepared we are…well, you know. it’s just so good to be prepared.

thank you with all my heart!


*one dollar from each donation will be going towards admin fees. sorry guys, but i cannot seem to escape that.


This spicy, luxurious lamb stew comes from a recipe shared by Lahore home cook Fazilat Alamgir.

hey hey! here are some links and things that have been clogging my phones safari quota. had to clear some out for the eventual new and thought i’d record them here/share a few with you.

have a warm and wonderful weekend.


1. the soup exchange is set for jan 24th. have you got your tickets yet? wouldn’t this nihari be an awesome soup to add the to mix?

2. a new-ish shop on the block.

3. came across this website the other day. so much natural goodness here. think I might try making this for me and some friends soon.

4. we love oliver jeffers in our house. daani recieved the day the crayons quit for her birthday this year and it’s pretty freakin hilarious and very imaginative if you ask me. since we have the alphabet on our brain lately, this one might just become our new favourite. note. the day the crayons quit was only illustrated by mr. jeffers, but his hand is sooo nice. 2015/01/img_9709.jpg

5. it’s a vice for a reason.

6. i am equally scared and hopeful for the future when it comes to my girls and their (and my) realtionship with tech after watching this movie.

7. a stunning look at turkey. not the gobble gobble kind.

8. the secret’s out. this trail is where you want to be on a cold winters day. so sharpen those skates, pack some hot chocolate and bundle up. it’s the canadian thing to do. DAVID DELFIN HOME / tahsin, the good GREATER THAN EVERYTHING PRINT / CUSTOM COLOURATION / LIGHT+GOOD / tahsin, the good.

9. psa! prints in the shop can be customized. don’t let all that pink deter you. your home is filled with nudes and greens and blacks, no problem. just add a custom colouration item to your cart and select which colour you’d like.

10. laugh out loud, trust your gut, and find time for a little solitutde and reflection this weekend.

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